Palmer and the Beanstalk

Once upon a time a teenaged boy named Palmer Ford got a beanstalk as a present for his 13th birthday. His grandmother purchased it at the Plant show that takes place once every other year. Palmer was so excited to get home and plant it. When he got home he planted it and went to bed. That very next morning, Palmer, had discovered that it grew to as high as he could see. He ran outside to take a look, at the time all the neighbors were outside lined up looking at the wonderful site! Palmer’s most beloved neighbor, Planteria, god of plants, had the idea of climbing the beanstalk. Palmer told everyone there that it was his stalk and he was going to take the challenge of climbing the beanstalk. At the hour of 12 on the very day, Palmer took off up the beanstalk. His first checkpoint was the cloud of Skyteria, god of the sky, where Palmer had to battle the lambs and lamas to go on his way. Palmer slayed every single one of them, and went on his way. His next stop was starteria, god of the stars, where he battle the meteors and the flamboys to get past to his next stop. After all his hard work he was lost and had no where to go but to keep going. In the middle of space Palmer could see a bright light shining far in the distance. He climbed, climbed, climbed, until he reached this bright light. There was a sign saying enter for life. Palmer had to open the door. He opened the door to see everyone of his friends and families flying in white suits. At the time he found out he had entered heaven and everyone was angels. This is what he was waiting for..


Testing is boring! You come to school and sit and mark on paper for atleast two hours… When you finish its like torture, you have to sit and wait for people that are slower then ever. I could walk around the world and back before those people finish… The only positive to this torture is you get to watch a movie after and there is no homework! Oh well testing is terrible! haha

My Avatar

My Avatar
My personal avatar is a mii avatar of The Wii. I have browinish blondish hair with blue eyes. The background is red and my favorite color is red. My avatar has a kind personality and loves to play sports. It typically makes it me because we look the same and are consisted of the same personality. This is my mii thats me.

Martin Luther King Jr. vs. Nelson Mandela

Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela have lived about the same life and say a lot of the same words that mean sense. They both talked from the heart and had HUGE vocabulary.

They aren’t only similiar but they are also differnent in certain ways. Both of the men fought for what they thought they could change and what was important to them. They both believed that everyone can be equal no matter what race you were, and they did not give up until they got what they fought for. There are a few differences in the two men. One in which, Martin Luther King Jr. fought for freedom in the United States and Nelson Mandela fought for freedom in South Africa. Nelson Mandela ended up being a president and Martin Luther did not as everyone knows.

I think the poem Invictus was very important to Nelson Mandela because it described what he was doing and what he fought for. The poem talks about fighting and not giving up to what your fighting for. Nelson Mandela grew up being free then ended fighting for freedom and learned blacks weren’t accepted. There was mean words said to him while in the process but nelson did not give up. Nelson Never gave up and then ended up as the president of South Africa. That shows you that after a long time in jail, you can still change your life and fight for whjat is right.

I think heroes should have loyalty, kindness, and courage and should be good leaders and nice to others.

When i think about modern day heroes i think about the Military. The military keeps our country safe and peacful. These soliders go out and fight and risk their lives to help us. They leave their families behind and go and kill others while they could also be killed. Our country wouldnt be the same without Soliders and the Militay.

Ghost Canoe entry 3

The ending chapters start a little like this.. Alone in the forest, Nathan discovers a ghostly canoe and a skeleton that may unlock this mystery of ancient treasure, betrayal . . . and murder. As the Beginning said thare AR NO SURVIVORS. The ghost canoe unlocks the streaming mystery door. And As it Says there are no survivors… This book was great but too much detail so there wasn’t much going on in the story it didn’t get to the point fast

Ghost Canoe Entry 2

Unexplained footprints on a desolate beach, a theft at the trading post, and glimpses of a wild “hairy man” convince Nathan that someone is hiding in the remote sea caves along the coast. With his new friend, Lighthouse George, a fisherman from the famed Makah whaling tribe, Nathan paddles the fierce waters of the Pacific-fishing, hunting seals, searching for clues. This is how the chapter starts but ends fast. talks about this detailed so it was long.

Ghost Canoe First Entry

At the begining of the Ghost Canoe, a boy named Nathan MacAllister is out on a shore asleep.. Not enough information to know what shore or island. Nathan and his father have work to do on the island and there is very bad wheather. As Nathan was working lantern room, The big iron door shut behind him and a sea bird slammed right into the glass of the room. At that time Nathan was scared and worried. the next afternoon Nathan and his family had met the lighthouse workers and the makkah fishermen. Nathan went out walking and saw a signpost saying Washington Territory. The First two chapters ended.

Ghost Canoe by: Will Hobbs

Ghost Canoe
Will Hobbs the author of Ghost Canoe is the author of seventeen novels for middle school children. The book Ghost Canoe won Edgar Allan Poe in 1998. Will Hobbs has had readers all over the world discovering wild and outrageous places. Will Hobbs has moved all over the Nation because his dad was in the air force. Will Hobbs has been encouraged to write mysterys for children. Will is a great mystery author! CHECK HIM OUT